We invite you to join the LSL Team. 
This invitation offers a number of opportunities available for your participation.
We know there are many wonderful organizations providing help and physical resources for those in need.  There are very few organizations providing help for those with emotional needs.  In the real world of real people, LSL meets these needs regardless of social or economic status.
Sponsorship -
Major Player
Become a Major Player. LSL sponsors make a significant impact on our ability to expand our programs.

Partnership -
Vital Partner
 Become a vital partner by contributing your time, your talent, or your financial resources.

Become an LSL volunteer in any LSL activity.

Train as a certified facilitator to teach our programs.

Refer People Who Need Help
 Do you know someone who could benefit from our programs. 

Board Governance 
• Investigate the possibility of serving on the LSL Board of Directors.

• Consider the opportunity of serving on the LSL Advisory Action Team.
Refer Other Organizations
 Refer other organizations (profit or nonprofit) that may be interested in our programs.

Make a financial donation to LSL on a one-time or periodic basis.