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Anger Management

Course participants will gain a thorough understanding of the emotion of anger as it relates to learned behavior, brain chemistry and subconscious imagery. Topics include: identifying and defining negative emotions, sources of anger, mind-brain connections, anger logs, addiction cycles, wrong strategies, methods for controlling anger, relationship types, the importance of a higher power, insightful concepts and tools for overcoming negative anger.

Stress Management

We live in a complicated and fast-moving society. Stress can affect other emotions such as negative anger. Stress can be defined as a mismatch between an individual’s coping skills and the demands of their life. The Life Skills for Living Program centers on altering a person’s usual negative response to stress to a new altered response. This altered response involves creating a process to change our techniques in the way we think, feel and act during stressful periods that we all experience.

Conflict Resolution

Everyone will experience conflicts in their life. The word “conflict” will usually createnegative thoughts. However, conflict can be positive as well as negative. Negative conflicts are disruptive, destructive and require a lot of energy. Positive conflicts can be a learning tool from which individuals can learn, grow and become closer in their relationship. Our staff includes certified conflict resolution specialists to help resolve and mediate disputes that become undesirable conflicts.

Relationship Enrichment

Prepare/Enrich is a wonderful program designed to help people in any kind of relationships. Over the last three decades, over 2.5 million couples have benefited from the Prepare/Enrich Program. The program is designed to explore strength and growth areas, strengthen communication skills and develop a more balanced relationship. The ultimate goal of the program is to help those in relationships to understand personality differences and maximize teamwork.

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